Wyoming Ph.D. students work on innovative computer technology project — VIDEO

LARAMIE, Wyo. — The Wyoming Business Council recently posted an interesting story about a pair of innovators in the state. See the story below.

University of Wyoming Ph.D. candidates Vinay Ramakrishnaiah and Ye Feng hadn’t thought about becoming entrepreneurs until they followed their noses last October.

“There was free pizza in the student union,” Ramakrishnaiah said with a laugh.

What the two researchers found there, other than a much-needed meal for two hungry graduate students, was information about the John P. Ellbogen $30K Competition.

The contest, now in its 15th year, offers students the chance to pursue an idea and learn what it takes to turn that idea into a business.

Ramakrishnaiah and Feng’s idea goes like this.

A friend needs a ride from Denver back to Laramie. The fastest way to retrieve the friend is by shattering all the speed limits in a Lamborghini. That’s how old computer programs worked. If 100 friends are waiting for a ride from Denver, a bus becomes the fastest way to shuttle them home. That’s the modern way of programming.

The catch is putting computer code into a program capable of multiple actions at once – like picking up many friends at the same time – is a slow, arduous and manual task.

Ramakrishnaiah and Feng want to make the work automatic.

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Video courtesy of Wyoming Business Council

Source: Wyoming Business Council

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